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A bit about us….

Hippynet started off as a dial-up bulletin board service (BBS) in 1997. Our local ISP provided us with modems and transit for our user’s emails. Hippy BBS became Hippynet on 7th April 2000 (feel free to check our domain’s WHOIS details) and as our local ISP grew to become a business leased line and connectivity provider we rented rack space to house our servers at the heart of their network in their Liverpool data centre.

We own all of our UK based servers outright (they are not leased and have no finance) and because we are located in a data centre that mainly services connectivity to businesses we are able to make use of their abundance of unused outgoing bandwidth to serve our streaming and web hosting customers.

We are an established host with a personal long-term relationship with our data centre. This puts us in a unique position of being able to cater for customers of all sizes and any requirements, from a hobbyist station to a large broadcaster requiring a custom built load balanced array of dedicated servers.

Broadcasting experience

We are a small team of Broadcast Engineers and IT Engineers lead by Ben Jones, a retired  DJ who spent fifteen years playing in clubs up and down the UK as well as working on RSL radio stations.

Ben has a degree in Digital Broadcast Systems and has many years experience as a Broadcast Engineer for television stations, sports broadcasters, and companies supporting the transmission of the BBC’s television channels. If you’ve watched TV in the UK then the chances are Ben has been involved in the engineering at some part of the broadcast chain.

With experience, passion and knowledge of broadcasting you can put your trust in Hippynet.




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