Our FREE Move In Team

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Move your stream to Hippynet with minimal downtime

Our Move In Team will take the pain out of leaving your old host and moving to Hippynet – FREE!


Don’t stick with a bad host because of the hastle involved in moving to a new provider. Our experienced Move In Team will help you move to Hippynet with the minimum disruption to your station’s output – often only a minute or two of dead air!

They will work with you to make sure your website’s tune in links and embedded players are changed to point to our servers and that any mobile apps you have move to your new Hippynet stream.

Let us save you the stress and make sure you stay on air! Get in touch if you want our Move In Team to help you switch.

Our Move In Team do all this for FREE!

  • Your first month free – so that you don’t have to pay for two providers while you move
  • Work with you to set your studio’s encoder up for our servers
  • Help move any media library from your old host to our servers
  • Help to change your website, mobile apps, TuneIn, etc, to your new Hippynet stream
Remember – Don’t cancel your account with your old host until the move is complete. Your account with us if free until your station is completely moved over to Hippynet.