Audio Toolbox

Cloud Based Audio Tools

Audio Toolbox is our cloud-based range of tools designed to enhance your radio station. Extremely versatile and powerful, Audio Toolbox can be used to upgrade the listening experience of your radio station. From transcoding your stream into multiple CODECs and bitrates, to dynamic range compression, to silence detection. Audio Toolbox is provider agnostic and are available even if you don't use Hippynet as your streaming provider. We're happy to configure a trial of any Audio Toolbox service so that you can hear what it can do for your station.

Audio Compressor

One of the things that defines most radio station's sound is the level of audio compression used. Audio compression is a process that reduces the dynamic range of an audio signal, reducing the difference between the loudest and softest parts, often to optimise perceived loudness. Our Audio Compressor works with any stream provider (your station doesn't need to be hosted with Hippynet, though we'd love it if it was!). It takes it's feed from one mountpoint and delivers it onto another mountpoint. Of course you'll want to hear a real-world example of our Audio Compressor in use so the players to the right are live feeds from a Hippynet customer currently using the Audio Compressor.

Without Audio Compressor

With Audio Compressor

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Our cloud-based Audio Compressor costs just £15 a month

Compression reduces the dynamic range of your recording by bringing down the level of the loudest parts, meaning the loud and quiet parts are now closer together in volume and the natural volume variations are less obvious, giving your station a more professional sound.

Protect against dead air for £7.99 a month

  • Monitors for silence 24/7
  • Alerts by SMS for any problems
  • Automatically plays back-up media to protect from silence

Silence Detection

Nobody wants their station to go silent, but occasionally things do go wrong! Our silence detector monitors your station's output 24 hours a day 7 days a week. When a pre-set period of silence is detected our system kicks in, broadcasting your backup media that you upload to our servers and sending you an SMS to let you know that there has been a problem. Once audio returns from your studio the silence detector falls back letting your studio take over.

Stream Transcoding

Audio stream transcoding is the conversion of an audio stream from one format or codec to another, typically to enhance compatibility, reduce bitrate, or adapt to different transmission requirements. Typically this is done to provide a lower bitrate mobile stream, or provide audio in a different CODEC for a different service.

Provider agnostic

All Audio Toolbox services are completely hosting provider agnostic. It can be used with streaming accounts on our servers or other hosts. You can have the source with one hosting provider and the target with a different provider or even deliver the processed stream to multiple providers.

Transcoding for £5 a month

Server types Shoutcast
Supported formats MP3
Ogg Vorbis
Bitrate Upto 320Kbps