Stream Machine

100% Uptime - Geographically diverse redundant servers

Some broadcasters rely on their internet stream for everything including the Studio to Transmitter Link. For these broadcasters their streaming service is mission critical and no down time is acceptable. That is why we developped Stream Machine.

Making outages a thing of the past!

Every host aims for 100% uptime, but sometimes things go wrong. A hardware failure or network issue affecting a server can take you off air without warning. For some broadcasters this isn't an option so we developed our own unique solution, Stream Machine!

Stream Machine is our innovative service that aims to ensure your station is available at all times.

Unlike most hosts Hippynet can maximise up time by offering a fully redundant streaming service with no single point of failure.

Stream Machine gives you a streaming account in two different data centres in two different cities (Liverpool, London, or Nuremberg). Each data centre is connected by different transit providers and is able to operate independently even in the event of a total loss of the other data centres.

Automatic fault detection and failover

We designate the server in one of our data centres as the master server and the server in another data centre as the reserve server. Under normal circumstances all listeners are directed to the master server.

Multiple monitoring locations check the health of our servers every few seconds and should an issue arrise with the master server all listeners are automatically redirected to the reserve server in the second data centre. As soon as our health monitors detect the master server has returned to service all listener connections are directed to the master server.


Affordable peace of mind

Industry leading reliability doesn't have to be expensive. Stream Machine can be added to any of our Icecast or Shoutcast streaming plans for just £5 per month!