Customers Feedback

Don't just take our word for it, here's what some of our existing customers have to say about us.

Hippynet has been our provider for online and FM/DAB transmission for nearly 10 years and we are more than happy with the service received. The 100% uptime guarantee on the stream machine ensures we are never off the air and the company appears to be going from strength to strength offering new services that innovate the radio industry - Mearns FM can't recommend hippynet enough.

Gavin Harper

Mearns FM

Hippynet is the foundation of Casafonda Radio, they provide a great service and without them there would be no streaming service for Casafonda Radio. Great value for money and a consistent service, extremely low downtime, and the support service is second to none. Always a fast response and always quickly resolve whatever small problems whether caused by us or not!! Thank you Hippynet for the great and continued service you provide to http://www.casafondaradio.com.

Claudio Fiore

Casafonda Radio

I have been using Hippynet services for the last few years. Reliable, high quality, plus the after care service is second to none. If you want to stream, Hippynet should be your first choice, it certainly is mine!

Steve Marshall

Internet Radio Solutions

I decided to set up an Internet Radio station for occasional broadcasts as all my DJ gigs were canceled due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Hippynet offered a great service, was simple to set up and the widgets meant I could easily embed it in my existing web site. When I needed help the response was quick and just what I needed – even on a Sunday. The 30p per month introductory offer makes going with Hippynet a no-brainer.

Dave Ives

Red Tin

Hippynet are the best provider I´ve seen. Quick support, always ready for help and uptime servers are the best. I feel really pleased with them

Trespatines Radio

MkUnsin Streaming Solutions

I am so pleased with the service we get from Hippynet and have recommended the service to other broadcasters and look forward to further development you have in the future.

Carl Barrington Webster

Starpoint Radio

We have found the service Hippynet has given us is far superior to our previous supplier and we are happy to stay with them to help run our small internet radio station

Debbie Roberts

Radio Flintshire

I have been using Hippynet for nearly a year now. They are a high-quality service that is reliable, flexible, and extremely good value. When we first started, we encountered a few teething problems, and Hippynet aftercare support was excellent. They were easy to deal with, very helpful, and efficient to resolve our issues quickly. I would recommend Hippynet for anyone who has an online radio station.

Djdon Junior

Powerline FM